Planning the Long Game

Staying at Home/Aging-in-Place – If that’s your desire and you’re 50 or older, it is essential to plan ahead with preventative home modifications that will extend your longevity and empower independence as long as possible. Far too often, people wait until an event or emergency arises (because they don’t think it will happen to them), then it’s either too late, too difficult, or too costly to have the necessary home modifications made, forcing an unplanned move to skilled nursing or a senior living community.

Be proactive in planning your future, call 55+ TLC Interior Design, today.

Transitioning to Senior Living
Melba & Bonnie Flr.PlansMany senior living communities today are beautiful and well-appointed because they are designed by senior living design professionals. If your preference is senior living in a community, understand that ensuring your apartment is designed and furnished for successful aging is your responsibility.

However, the independent living and assisted living apartments are left up to the residents. That means that it’s your responsibility to ensure that the space is well-designed and furnished for safety, functionality and comfort.

55+ TLC Interior Design will design your new home to be beautiful, functional, and safe.
We’ll reduce stress by helping you determine which furniture to bring and identify any items that need to be purchased. We provide a furniture/floor plan that assists the move in. We also offer purchasing and move-in oversight services.

Don’t leave your safety and well-being in the hands of movers or other untrained individuals, call 55+ TLC Interior Design, today.